Solar Transit Lights

                                            Solar LED Transit Lighting

BPL Solar is the Florida Representative for Urban Solar Corporation who manufacturers solar powered LED lighting products for the transit industry.

The demand for safer transportation amenities, such as bus stops and transit shelters with security and area lighting, is on the rise. Federal, state, and municipal governments are increasing their support and funding for public transit projects, making solar lighting solutions for transit an environmentally and economically smart choice.

With over 30 years of solar powered LED lighting design and quality manufacturing experience, Urban Solar Corporation’s management, engineering & design teams are dedicated to reliable and innovative integrated/adaptive solar powered shelter lighting solution design.

BPL Solar partnered with Urban Solar Corporation because we share the same commitment to our customers.  We listen! Whether you're a transit official, contractor, or end user - instead of treating you like just another account receivable, we listen to everything you have to say regarding your requirements, concerns and vision. We value your input and industry knowledge.

Our extensive experience and understanding of cutting edge solar technology combined with our personalized customer service allows us to set the standard for solar power and solar powered LED lighting solutions in the urban environment and our specialized focus on products for the transit industry.