SolarStik Recreational


Most RVs or campers produced today have electrical systems that rival those of most houses. Televisions, lights, radios, refrigerators, all require electricity to operate. The traditional method of supplying power for the recreational enthusiast is connecting their RV to a restrictive power hook-up in a designated facility, or using a fuel driven power generator.

Even outdoor enthusiasts who use a tent or portable shelter will benefit from the quiet, steady operation of the Solar Stik™. Tents are not exactly known for their sound-proof structure, and if a traditional generator is used as the primary means of producing power, the occupants are subject to the noise and fumes often associated with the generator.

The Solar Stik™ can either replace, or work in conjunction with traditional power generation to ensure the maximum benefit for the operator.

Producing as much as 1 KiloWatt of energy each day, the RV enthusiast is now free to roam beyond the confines of the RV park or campground and the ambiance of the traditional tent shelter is restored.

Complete setup takes less than 5 minutes and its lightweight design makes it easily transported.

We provide the RV owner with two methods of connecting the Solar Stik™ to their RV.

  1. RV Pak - the RV Pak allows connection to most RVs with a standard 12 volt, 7-way trailer plug,
  2. Terra Pak - the Terra Pak provides the components necessary for a more permanent installation.

Both kits will provide “Plug & Play” operation and “User-friendly” operation.

The Solar Stik™ Lite System (Recommended Package for Recreational Applications) is transported in soft, padded transport cases, and is DOT approved as Non-Hazardous carge when traveling by land, sea, or air.

The Solar Stik™ allows you to enjoy nature the way it was intended to be, without the noise, fumes, maintenance, and fuel requirements of a generator.

Customize the Solar Stik™ with custom mounting and accessories and maximize the versatility of your particular application.

Need help in selecting a System? Solar Stik™ Sales Engineers are standing by to help refine your requirements and determine which System best suits your particular requirements.