SolarStik Institutional


Academic Institutions are increasingly adopting education programs that are designed to move “alternative” technologies into the mainstream. In many high-schools & colleges across the country today, classes are introducing energy-related curriculums that foster a culture of inventiveness, and by extension, entrepreneurialism.

The Solar Stik™ System has been adopted by many schools as a real-life example of “Application & Technology”, and are used in many classrooms as well as research studies.

Solar Stik™ Systems have traveled as far as the Arctic regions in support of Remote Location Research, Archaeology, Meteorology, or just to power remote sensory gear.

Solar Stik™ offers a wide variety of power generation options & configurations:
    • Flexible Panel Systems are designed for highly mobile applications where a small footprint & high power yield is required
    • Solar Stik™ Systems provide power platforms that are versatile, effective, and multi-faceted.

Lightweight, rugged, and portable, all of our systems are designed using five basic principles of design:

1. Mobility
2. Expandability
3. Adaptability (Modular, “Open Architecture”)
4. Self-Sufficiency
5. Quality American Craftsmanship

All Solar Stik™ Systems can be assembled or broken down in minutes, allowing for rapid deployment in the field. The system can be deployed and operational for just an hour, or indefinitely. It is as temporary or permanent as necessary. Additionally, the Power Pak is DOT approved for land, sea & air transport, allowing for easy transport of the Solar Stik™ System for field deployment into remote areas.

How can we help support your application? Sales engineers are standing by to help refine your requirements and determine which System best suits your particular requirements…
Have a unique need that requires a custom-tailored solution? Call us… our design team can custom craft a solution for you!