SolarStik Humanitarian


Our Clientele

Solar Stik™ Systems are currently used by Worldwide Relief Organizations, International Governments and multiple State & County Emergency Management organizations.

Recently, Solar Stik™ Inc. donated a Solar Stik™ System to the Village of Kokolopori in the Democratic Republic of Congo in Africa.

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Obtaining fuel, for most who will read this, is as simple as getting in the car and driving for a few minutes. For many third-world countries or poverty stricken regions, obtaining fuel may be a multi-day trek that involves risk most people in the industrialized world would never comprehend.

The Solar Stik™ System provides power in remote regions around the globe.

The Solar Stik™ together with the Power Pak, create a rugged, independent power station that provides DC or AC power, without the constraints of traditional fuel-driven power generation.

The Solar Stik™ power applications include: communications equipment, satellite receivers & phones, computers, medical equipment, lights, small pumps, rechargeable equipment, and many other appliances.

Accessories such as the Ergonomic Comfort (ERCO) Pak (SHOWN BELOW) provide an array of appliances that are designed specifically to operate from the Solar Stik™ System. The H2O Pak (SHOWN BELOW) can provide critical drinking water from ANY water source, including salt, brackish or even polluted fresh water sources!

The Solar Stik™ is the ultimate power solution for humanitarian missions, disaster relief, or just to provide simple creature comforts in a austere location. All connections are “Plug & Play” and operation is “user-friendly”.

Harness the Power of Their Environment

Solar Stik™ offers a wide variety of power generation systems designed for Non-Governmental Organizations (NGO), Relief Organizations, Charitable Groups, or Disaster Response.

  • Flexible Panel Systems are designed for highly mobile applications where a small footprint & high power yield is required
  • Solar Stik™ Systems provide power platforms that are versatile, effective, and multi-faceted.

Lightweight, rugged, and portable, all of our systems are designed using five basic principles of design:

  1. Mobility
  2. Expandability
  3. Adaptability (“Open Architecture”)
  4. Self-Sufficiency
  5. Quality American Craftsmanship

All Solar Stik™ Systems can be assembled or broken down in minutes, allowing for rapid deployment in the field.

The system can be deployed and operational for just an hour, or indefinitely. It is as temporary or permanent as necessary. Additionally, all Solar Stik™ Systems are DOT approved for land, sea & air transport, allowing for easy transport into remote areas.

The Solar Stik™ System is designed to operate in conjunction with existing power sources such as Portable Gasoline Generators, inconsistent Grid Power, or as an independent power supply when conditions warrant. All Solar Stik™ Systems provide as much autonomy as is possible for any given situation, while also mitigating against dependency on any one technology.

When compared directly to traditional fuel-driven generators, there is no logistical support, noise, heat signatures, or hazardous chemicals. The overall cost to operate is significantly reduced.