SolarStik Emergency Operations

                                             Emergency Management

Even though technology has improved through the years, the ability to predict disasters has not. It is difficult to forecast geophysical events, blackouts, super storms and terrorism. Even though these events are hard to foresee, there IS one prediction that we can make safely: the sun will rise tomorrow and the Solar Stik™ System will work when the power grid fails, or in the absence of traditional fuels.

The Solar Stik™ System, can keep life’s necessities operating. Plug in a computer, television, radio, fan, rechargeable devices, medical equipment, small refrigerator, or simply a light. The ability to keep one’s family safe during times of crisis cannot be over-emphasized or ignored.  You may not be able to predict an event beforehand, but you can prepare today for the impact afterwards.

Solar Stik™ offers a wide variety of power generation systems designed for First Responders, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement, or Preparedness-minded Individual.

Flexible Panel Systems are designed for highly mobile applications where a small footprint & high power yield is required
Solar Stik™ Systems provide power platforms that are versatile, effective, and multi-faceted.
Lightweight, rugged, and portable, all of our systems are designed using five basic principles of design:
    1. Mobility
    2. Expandability
    3. Adaptability (Modular, “Open Architecture”)
    4. Self-Sufficiency
    5. Quality American Craftsmanship

All Solar Stik™ Systems can be assembled or broken down in minutes, allowing for rapid deployment in the field. The system can be deployed and operational for just an hour, or indefinitely.  It is as temporary or permanent as necessary.  Additionally, the Power Pak is DOT approved for land, sea & air transport, allowing for easy transport of the Solar Stik™ System for field deployment into remote areas.

The Solar Stik™ System is designed to operate in conjunction with existing power sources such as Portable Gasoline Generators, inconsistent Grid Power, or as an independent power supply when conditions warrant.  All Solar Stik™ Systems provide as much autonomy as is possible for any given situation, while also mitigating against dependency on any one technology. 

When compared directly to traditional fuel-driven generators, there is no logistical support, noise, heat signatures, or hazardous chemicals, and the cost to operate is significantly reduced.